The integrated control of the X-ray generator and detector delivers brilliant X-ray images within only seconds.
These outstanding images are displayed instantly on the built-in 19“ touch screen monitor.
The DR Maxivet is the perfect system for all the small animal digital radiography in mid-sized to
large veterinary clinics.

  • Image display in only seconds
  • Highest image quality and gray-scale dynamics
  • Flexibility with maximum latitude on X-ray dose
  • Integrated 4 way oating table top with electronic brake
  • Wall plugged suitable powerful high frequency X-ray generator
  • Modern touch screen function
  • Installation in one day

Maxivet 300 DR

300 mA
20 or 32 KW
125 KV

Maxivet 400 DR

400 mA
32 or 40 KW
125 KV

Maxivet 500 DR

500 mA
40 KW
125 KV

All our X-ray system are ideally suited for high quality X-raying with films, CR cassettes or DR detectors.